Winning Takes a Hint of Insanity

Have you ever noticed…

The CEO’s are the ones who’s headquarters are scribbled with motivational mantras written on floor-to-ceiling whiteboards? (Kevin Plank, Founder & CEO, Under Armour)

The Hall-of-Famers are the ones who show up to the team breakfast at 8 AM, dripping in sweat after a three-hour workout? (Kobe Bryant, Former Los Angeles Laker)

The billionaires are the ones who sleep an average of four hours per night, in preparation for the following 20-hour workday? (Rodger Penske, Founder & CEO, Penske Automotive Group)

It’s a funny thing to think about; that what a lot of people would consider “insane,” is the exact thing that makes these people great.


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Winning is Understanding Money

Phil Knight, founder of Nike, drives a $120,000 Audi R8 to work.
But does it make it any easier for him to get to the office on time?

Larry Ellison, $50 billion dollar man and founder of Oracle, lives in a ten-building, $70 million estate, outfitted with a man-made lake.
But does it make it any easier for him to rise to the sound of his alarm clock each morning?

Kevin Plank, founder and owner of Under Armour, pens his documents from a lofty, luxurious office overlooking Baltimore’s historic Inner Harbor.
But does that make the day-to-day operations of running a $4 billion dollar company any easier?

First create the habits, then the money will come.