Winning Takes a Hint of Insanity

Have you ever noticed…

The CEO’s are the ones who’s headquarters are scribbled with motivational mantras written on floor-to-ceiling whiteboards? (Kevin Plank, Founder & CEO, Under Armour)

The Hall-of-Famers are the ones who show up to the team breakfast at 8 AM, dripping in sweat after a three-hour workout? (Kobe Bryant, Former Los Angeles Laker)

The billionaires are the ones who sleep an average of four hours per night, in preparation for the following 20-hour workday? (Rodger Penske, Founder & CEO, Penske Automotive Group)

It’s a funny thing to think about; that what a lot of people would consider “insane,” is the exact thing that makes these people great.


Sources (for those in disbelief):
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