Winning Means Making Your Own Luck

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s full definition of luck is “a force that brings good fortune or adversity.”

That’s silly. To a winner, luck doesn’t exist. Winners make their own luck…

Every action that you take in life leads to something. Cause and effect. It’s something we’ve heard since grade school.

Imagine life as a large, complex maze of a racetrack. The ultimate goal is to reach the finish line, whether that’s just happiness or achieving your greatest ambitions. Each and every decision (or turn) you make nudges you either towards the finish line or a little further away from it. The winners in life recognize the ever-present risk of running out of gas before the journey is over. They respect the twists and turns life may throw at them and so they practice a heightened level of vigilance. They take risks, but calculated risks. They learn from their mistakes. They make their own luck. And they make the right turns.

It’s not “a mysterious force” that brings good fortune, it’s the burning desire to win the race. For some, the end of the road may come too soon. For the rest of us, we’re on our way to the finish line.


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