Winning is Taking Action

We’ve all had good ideas and great intentions. But really, what good is an idea without action? After all, an idea by itself is no more than an idea. A dream without action is no more than a dream.

Just think back to the last time you told yourself you were going to get in shape. Or start a business. Or maybe even something as simple as wake up the first time your alarm clock goes off. I wouldn’t doubt you if you said you’ve had more than one good idea in the past. But that’s the problem.. Without action that’s all they are: ideas.

You’ve got to wonder how much different your life might be if you put all your good intentions to work. How much money would find you? What would your body look like? Would you still be working where you do now? Would you be working at all??

Enough with the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. Whether it’s fear, discipline issues, complacency, perfection paralysis, or whatever else that may be getting in your way, remember that action is the driving force behind success. Without it, you could go nowhere. With it, you could go anywhere.


See today’s instagram post for “Winning is Taking Action” here


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