Winning is Learning from Your Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. No matter who you are. No matter where you come from.

To a loser, a mistake is devastating. It wounds him in a way he can’t recover from. It lingers in his mind for him to cry over for days to come. To a winner, mistakes are essential. He embraces mistakes. And not only the mistakes of his own, but those of others.

Mistakes are invaluable learning experiences. But in order to ever learn from them, you first have to recognize them as that. Once you choose to learn from your mistakes, rather than blame yourself for making them, you’ll no longer fear them. And when your vision isn’t clouded by the fear of making a mistake, they will present themselves to you as opportunities to grow. So why limit yourself to the lessons of your own mistakes? You should seek out the lessons of others’ mistakes too. This way you get all the knowledge without experiencing them yourself.

Take chances, make mistakes, and grow above and beyond the competition.



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